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Self-Rising Puri Recipe

Fried, Leavened, White Flour Flat Breads

In a flat bottomed bowl, mix together into a sticky dough:
2 cups self-rising white flour
about 1 cup lukewarm milk
Knead until smooth, though still sticky. Let rest, loosely covered, for 15-20 minutes.
Break off golf ball-sized pieces, dip in the self-rising flour, and roll out as for puri. Deep-fry in oil until very lightly browned, pressing down lightly into the oil to assist puffing. Turn once to brown the second side lightly. Remove from the oil, drain, and serve.
These do not keep well, so eat immediately. These puri are especially good with Chana.
Category Breads
Servings Makes 10 Serving Size 1
Calories 103 Protein g
Fat 0.9 g Carbohydrates20 g

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