Indian Vegetarian Cooking at Your House
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Indian Vegetarian Cooking At Your House

This unique cookbook contains easy-to-make vegetarian recipes from India. The author, Sunetra Humbad is a native of India, who teamed up with one of her cooking class students, Amy Schafer Boger, M.D., to bring you uncomplicated versions of her traditional family recipes.

You will learn to make all components of a traditional Indian meal, including Soups, Snacks, Drinks, Chutneys, Salads, Pickles, Breads, Grains, Dals, Legumes, Vegetables, and Desserts.

To help novices, meal plans, a pantry set-up guide, and a listing of Indian grocery and Specialty stores is provided. Nutrition information, including per serving Calories, Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates, is provided for the diet conscious.

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Pages 191
Publisher Book Publishing Company, February 1995
Retail Price $12.95
ISBN 1-57067-004-8
Format Paperback with Special Lay-Flat Binding
Size 7" x 8" x 3/8"

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