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Sweet Shankir Palla Recipe

Sweet, Puffy Fried Dough in a Sugar Syrup

In a bowl, mix:
1 cup all-purpose white flour
2 1/2 TBS vegetable oil
1/8 - 1/4 cup water, enough to make a soft dough
Cover the dough and let rest a few minutes. Roll out the dough in a large, thin circle on a bare surface. Cut the dough into diamonds, and peel off of the rolling surface with a spatula.
Deep-fry the diamonds until browned, and drain.
In a very large saucepan, make a syrup out of:
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
Cook over high heat until boiling, then simmer until at the two-thread stage (about 230 degrees on a candy thermomteter). Add the fried dough squares to the syrup in the saucepan, and toss until uniformly covered with syrup. (The syrup will begin to look like white crystals as you mix them.)
Let cool slightly, and serve.
Category Desserts
Servings 4 dozen Serving Size 3
Calories 89 Protein g
Fat 2 g Carbohydrates16 g

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